Fluffy Bunnies and Fox Hunting, Blood Sports are Back!

The Alien tries to kiss Ripley.
Nigel Farage tries to kiss Diane James.

UK – The Party Conference season is on us again. The Greens kicked it off with theirs at the University of Birmingham on the second of September. An event of such momentous magnitude that no one actually noticed it was happening.

This was followed by UKIP at Bournemouth International Centre on the 15th of september. Where for once the religious nutters were out looned by the UKIP rank and file.

The use of the word ‘rank’ is utterly appropriate and well deserved. The highlight of the whole non event was when Nigel Farage tried to kiss the new leader Diane James.

Do not be scared! It is only me Nigel Farage!

It puts me in mind of  that scene in the Alien films where the Alien Xenomorph sniffs Ripley.

Dian James really does look disgusted at the slimy creature letching all over her.

UKIP’s search is now for relevance in the post BrExit world. Now that the Conservatives have stolen their clothes.

The Liberal Democrats are in a Brighton beach hut for their party conference. Their MPs once again outnumbered by the press reporters sleeping off their hangovers. Whilst the Liberal Democrats member are talking up their chances of the most amazing comeback since the resurrection of Lazarus from the dead.

Nick Cleggs real failing in joining in coalition with the Tories was that by so doing people found out what they actually stood for. They did not like it.

In doing so the Liberal Democrats lost their unique selling point. being all things to all people.

Before that people knocking at voters doors were free to promise that the Liberal Democrats supported anything and everything voters wanted. Fluffy Bunnies and Fox Hunting were not seen as mutually exclusive. Depending on the views of the voter that they were trying to convince. Quite safe in the knowledge that they would never be in the position of actually having to deliver it.

Next week we have the Labour party conference at the New Colosseum in Liverpool. Where we will be treated to the appalling spectacle of the attempted rape of the virgin party members, gladiatorial fights to the death and the slaughter of the innocents all for the Blairites amusement.

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Author: Dr Suusi Watson

Editor of the Bastard

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