DWP To hand out Digitas Vouchers to the Sick and Disabled!

Dignitas – Dignity in Life, Dignity in Death.

UK – In another The Bastard exclusive our spies have discovered that the Daimion Green’s DWP is giving serious consideration to issuing free Dignitas vouchers to the sick and disabled.

We have been told that the idea emerged during a Cabinet meeting. During a discussion on why it was taking so long for the DWP to reduce the social security budget. When a civil servant joked that it would be cheaper to send them (the sick and disabled) to Dignitas than keep them on social security. After all ministers really wanted the sick and disabled to hurry up and die. Slowly starving them to death in their own homes did seem rather gratuitously cruel.

Damien Green on hearing the quip summoned the civil servant and asked him to repeat what he had just said to the assembled ministers and civil service mandarins.

The Idea was enthusiastically endorsed by the whole cabinet. One minister even said that this is what I call blue sky thinking. Boris Johnson and Michael Gove, in a rare moment of unity, even cheered! Theresa May just smiled sitting there like a spider viewing its next meal.

The meeting soon moved on to how the scheme should be paid for and what the likely savings were. The Treasury pointed out that the cost of sending the untermensch to Dignitas was roughly 1/3 of the cost of keeping them on social security for one year.

Less even if the government could get a volume discount for repeat business.

So if you  are sick or disabled then coming through your letter box soon. An all expenses paid one way trip to the Dignitas clinic whether you want to go or not!

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Author: Dr Suusi Watson

Editor of the Bastard

1 thought on “DWP To hand out Digitas Vouchers to the Sick and Disabled!”

  1. Euthanasia ‘NOT’ on the cheap. MRSA and its mutations has failed in culling the bewildered grey herd. Undoubtedly the CONservatives will benefit from kick backs, profiteering from the continued miseries of others, with shares in Dignitas. Austerity, a decade on and still stagnation and the systematic privation of the middle and working classes. Policy of starvation, all to safeguard the recklessly irresponsible influential and privileged few, the bank bailout crew. Reluctantly the old timers have proved to be too resilient, in spite of price hikes, benefit cuts and private concentration camps aka care homes. If the fear propaganda ‘Operation Gladio’ psyops doesn’t get them, the isolation and cold will. Deja vu, sick man of Europe…………another foreign misadventure in the offing. Iceland that jailed the bankers are enjoy respectable growth, whilst we are being beggared and dispossessed. Necessary ingredients for revolution, unless the powers that shouldn’t be that misrule, deprive the revolution of its youth, its energy with another foreign war.


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