Daily Mail Banned as Worries about Fake News take Centre Stage!

The Daily Mail headlines, Reminiscent of ‘Der Sturmer’ a A Nazi party tabloid from the 1930s

UK – Some good news for a change. Fleet street newspaper editors were stunned today when one of the few newspapers that are still profitable, the Daily Mail, was closed down and publication banned for publishing fake news.

It appears that publishers of the Daily Mail has fallen victim to the hysteria generated by Donald Trump’s US presidential election victory.

People too lazy and or too stupid to understand that Hillary Clinton lost the presidential election because she was a worse candidate than Trump have rushed to blame fake news sites for what they see as a disastrous result.

Syntactic analysis specially commissioned from, We Know what you think LLP, by The Bastard of the Daily Mail has found that only:

  • 5% of the news reported in Daily Mail is actually true and reflects what we call reality.
  • 5% is pictures of nearly naked underage girls to keep the Daily Mail’s readers husbands interested.
  • 10% of the published content is paid for advertisements disguised as newspaper articles.
  • 20% is articles about silly spoiled whores posing as celebrities flaunting their wealth as if it was something to aspire to.
  • 60% is fake news material designed to indoctrinate the reader into hating their neighbours, foreigners, the poor, the sick and the disabled. In short the material is content designed make nasty people feel that their prejudices are alright.

We look forward to the same happening to the Scum, Daily Star and Daily Express.

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Author: Dr Suusi Watson

Editor of the Bastard

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