Snoopers Charter: Theresa May is Watching You Masterbate!

Theresa May is watching You Masterbate!
Theresa May is watching You Masterbate!

UK – The most repressive surveillance law in europe has been passed into statute by the power mad conservatives.

The list of people who can trawl through your internet history is horrific. Many pages have been written about this piece of Starzi inspired legislation.

Even us at The Bastard have pointed out that all the most recent terrorists were well known to the security services. Vis they had the information but did not act on it. Treason or incompetence. It all depends on whether the crimes were allowed to happen.

How is having more information going to change the outcomes? If they cannot stop the ones that they know about.

Anyway it is reassuring to know that Theresa May is getting her rocks off watching You masterbate!

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Author: Dr Suusi Watson

Editor of the Bastard

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