G4S, a very British SS!

G4S the very British SS
G4S the very British SS

UK – It is said that the British have a way of doing things without looking crass. This is especially true of the state organs of power. The Police are for the most part unarmed. Their uniforms are not overtly militaristic. Though it would be better idea if they returned to the prethatcherite blue uniforms rather than the current black one.

Then there is the private police force G4S. The private security company that runs the security at government offices, an increasing number of services to the police and courts. It runs medical and forensic services. It runs private prisons and youth custody centres. It runs the prison factories that exploit the prisoners for profit. It runs centres for asylum seekers. The centres for asylum seekers are best described as concentration camps for men, women and children that have not been convicted of any crime.

In short it provides the same services that the SS did in pre 1945 Germany! The only thing that is missing is the deaths head badges and the goose stepping.

But I hear you say the SS were Adolf Hitlers bodyguards. Well it just so happens that Theresa May keeps giving them government contract despite G4S having had to pay the government back some £180 million due to a corporate fraud involving services to the probation service.

No that sort of corporate fraud should exclude the company from providing any government services at all. The fact that it does not speaks volumes about the corruption and waste in the UK government

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Author: Dr Suusi Watson

Editor of the Bastard

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