Grenfell Fire: Theresa May’s Zyclon B Moment!

The Grenfell Tower fire at its height.

UK – As if the Grenfell fires was not tragedy enough. News came out that most of the victims dies of Hydrogen Cyanide gas poisoning before being burnt to death. For them that was probably a blessing in disguise.

A death by Hydrogen Cyanide poisoning is an awful lot quicker and more pleasant than being burnt alive. I am sure that most heretics burned at the stake would have wished for being gassed by Hydrogen Cyanide.

Not so for the survivors and those whose relatives dies in the tragedy. Because Hydrogen Cyanide is Zyklon B which was the poison gas used by the Nazis to gas the Jews and other Untermensch in the concentration camps during World War 2.

The point being that The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea council would have regarded the council tenants with all the same contempt as the Nazis viewed the Untermensch.

A point not wasted on the survivors of the Grenfell Tower fire. If that was not enough the indifference to their fate and attempts to resettle them as far away from their former home and schools as is humanly possible will have rammed the point home to the hilt.

Not that the Conservative Governments of David Porkeron and Theresa May is any better with its policies of social cleansing. Which in reality is ethnic cleansing re-branded with smarter marketing.

But for the government there is no escaping responsibility for the tragedy because the government has been sitting on two parliamentary reports into fires in tower blocks.

In 1999 fire swept through Garnock Court tower block in Irvine, Scotland. The parliamentary report into the fire lead to a changes in 2005 to the law in Scotland. Banning the type of cladding that was used on the Grenfell Tower block. But not in England.

In 2005 the Harrow Court tower block in Stevenage had a fire. Leading to another report into the fire safety of tower blocks.

Then in 2009 there was the Lakanal House tower block fire lead to yet another report that the bonfire of the regulations government to sit on. All of which have been on Theresa May’s watch

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Author: Dr Suusi Watson

Editor of the Bastard

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