AOL suckers to sue over stuff

Once installed you can never rid your system of it
AOHell: Once installed you can never rid your system of it

Some folks who kinda got what they deserved after signing up to the great Internet whore AOL are suing the bastards.

AOL take down the credit card details of their users, then bombard them with these really irritating adverts for stuff, upon which the users click Yes or No. Continue reading “AOL suckers to sue over stuff”

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Ethnic Cleansing in Afghanistan – the world need never know

More death and devastation in Afghanistan

Afghanistan – Thank goodness! No more terrorism! Okay, so we haven’t caught Bin Laden yet, probably never will (his CIA trainers trained him too well for that), and Pakistan has the explosive mix of nuclear weapons and two million Afghan refugees, but at least Bush managed to Continue reading “Ethnic Cleansing in Afghanistan – the world need never know”

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Frodo Baggins said to be ‘outraged’ at FOTR portrayal

5US –  Frodo Baggins, the hobbit who saved Middle Earth from a tide of darkness and evil, is said to be outraged by the portrayal of himself and his friends Meriadoc Brandybuck and Peregrin Took. “The film portrays me as being a right pussy” said the outraged halfling, “and Messrs. Brandybuck and Took as a pair of crooks. As if to balance this out, it implies that Arwen, who in real life did sod all, is some kind of heroin!”

Despite these criticisms, the film has gone on to be a major success. Smeagol Richardson, the script writer of the blockbuster, was said to be delighted at the success of the film. He had consulted as many of the original cast as he was able to, and the majority, including Peregrin Took, had been quite happy with the way that they were portrayed. The nine Nazgul had even agreed to appear in the movie, and can be seen in cameo roles in Bree and Minas Tirith.

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Bush: it’s okay to torture A-Rabs

3USA –
 Leader of the free world and second most powerful man in the universe* has said to the rest of the world that the appalling conditions that the suspected Al-Qaeda dudes are being kept in is okay because they are only arabic scum who would slit ur throat just as soon as look at you.

He went on to say that old traditions like innocent until proven guilty, humane punishment, non-torture of PoWs were not required with A-Rabs. Continue reading “Bush: it’s okay to torture A-Rabs”

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