Blair: Bin Laden is a muthafukker, and so are his mates

al Qaida leader  Osama Bin Laden speaks to a selected group of reporters in mountains of Helmand province in southern Afghanistan Thursday, Dec. 24, 1998.  The man accused of masterminding the bombings of U.S. embassies in Africa says the U.S.-British airstrikes on Iraq make it a ``duty of Muslims to confront, fight and kill'' Americans and Britons.
al Qaida leader Osama Bin Laden in southern Afghanistan.

UK – Responding to allegations that Bush was treating the Arabic bounders unfairly which have appeared in numerous newspapers and media (including this one), the British President Tony Blair replied that Osama Bin Laden was a complete muthafukka, and so were all of his mates. The scoundrels Continue reading “Blair: Bin Laden is a muthafukker, and so are his mates”

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IBS rips off illegal Blair Babe trick

1Arch prince of hell and leader of the ‘Conservative Party’, Ian Bunkum Smith has announced that ‘only women can save the Conservative Party’. By this piece of nonsense, intended as a means of attracting voters without actually having to so anything, he means of course that women should be encouraged to stand for safe Tory seats. IBS was keen to explain that he did not mean that women are to stupid or pathetic to take and hold unsafe Tory seats.
A leading tory backbencher who prefers not to be named* said that the thought of their being more nubile young women at the tory party conference made him feel very happy. IBS himself refuted accusations that the ‘Widdecombe babes’ were not going to be mere automatons modelled after the Labour Party’s infamous babe-bevy, but would be more like the successful independent women of today, ie lapdancers.

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