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Woolmer Silenced by Betting Syndicates

American Bastards
Dr Suusi Watson   22/03/2007 16:38
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Money talks, Woolmer silenced!
Money talks, Woolmer silenced!
Jamaica - In another exclusive The Bastard has discovered that Pakistan's cricket coach, Bob Woolmer was murdered in order to prevent him lifting the lid on match fixing, by Asian betting syndicates.

Woolmer was about to name the names of the people behind a string of fixed cricket matches. He had told friends than he was sick of the underlying corruption in modern sport and was going to blow the fucking gambling syndicates out of the water.

Jamaican police are questioning members of Pakistan's cricket squad in the vain hope that they can shed some light on the Woolmer's death.

Woolmer's body was found in his hotel room after Pakistan's shock defeat by the republic of Ireland.

Pakistan team spokesman Pervez Mir said that, "The teams players had not been interviewed under caution".

 "Every player will come along and give a written statement and then after that we fly off to Montego Bay."

"Police were trying to work out Woolmer's last movements. "

A police spokesman confirmed they had now decided to seek the opinion of a second pathologist.

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