Theresa May: Why stop at Fox Hunting what about Badger Baiting and the Rat Pit?


Theresa May

UK – In an utterly predictable move by Theresa May today she announced that she would be staging a free vote in Parliament on legalising Fox Hunting. Overturning the ban introduced by ‘Big’ Tony Blair in the The Hunting Act 2004.

But if Fox hunting is considered to be acceptable to ruling elite then how long before badger baiting or the rat pit become legal again? Why stop there?

Why stop there? How about drag hunts with real people in drag, or how about whistle blowers? Or betting on a fight to the death between two homeless people each armed with a stiletto with their left hands handcuffed together?

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Hunt the Most Vicious and Dangerous Big Game of All

A sad git who like hunting things that cannot fight back!

USA – Coming so soon on the heels of news of the death of Cecil the Lion and his brother Jericho. Entrepreneurs have spotted a rare opportunity to make a killing. In every sense of the word, both figuratively and literally!

It is well known that rich men are addicted to risky behaviour to relieve the boredom of everyday life Continue reading “Hunt the Most Vicious and Dangerous Big Game of All”

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UK Govt uses foxes to bury Byers Scandal

A fox hunt
A fox hunt

UK – The British Govt has announced that there will be another free vote on the banning on hunting with dogs shortly.

An unnamed contact within the cabinet has said that this is NOT an attempt to cover up the spate of scandals associated with New  Continue reading “UK Govt uses foxes to bury Byers Scandal”

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