Can you see what is wrong with this Picture?

3221Middle East – This picture of Alan Kurdi’s body on the beach is possibly the most famous picture of Syrian refugees on the world wide web. It has come to symbolise why we have to do something about the Syrian problem. No one is sure what – leave the something to the politicals.

But all is not what it seems. For starters the family was fleeing Turkey, not Syria. They had been living in Turkey for three years. Continue reading “Can you see what is wrong with this Picture?”

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Royals Party Whilst Refugees Drown

Partying while refugees drown
Partying while refugees drown

UK – Today Queen Elizabeth II becomes the longest reigning monarch. Much like the former longest reigning monarch Queen Victoria. She has presided over a long term decline and stagnation.

Longevity is not the only aspect that Elizabeth II has Victoria’s achievements. There is one aspect where Victoria did not fail. The value of the pound remains more or less constant.

Elizabeth II on the other hand has presided over the devaluation of the currency AKA inflation and fraudulent business practices. Continue reading “Royals Party Whilst Refugees Drown”

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Refugees Spoil British Tourists Holidays!

Strange mix: An Afghan immigrant sleeps on a bench outside the police station in Kos as two tourists cycle by.

UK – British tourists desperate to escape the sound of foreign languages on the streets of the United Kingdom, have converged on the Greek Island of Kos to get away from it all.

How wrong they were! When they got there the place was littered with boat people from Afghanistan and Syria. Continue reading “Refugees Spoil British Tourists Holidays!”

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